Non-Listed Medicines

  • Value Formulary: Non-Listed Medicines

    The Value Formulary includes medicines that have health benefits and could help you save money. It does not include medicines that cost more and may not work better than lower-cost options. You may be required to pay up to the full cost of these medicines, depending on your plan.*

    Certain brand medicines are not part of the Value Formulary for some of the most common short-term and long-term conditions. This list also provides lower-cost plan medicines for these conditions. Ask your doctor to consider these medicines instead of higher-cost brand medicines. View these non-listed medicines here.

* The plan's medicine list covers all disease states. Life-style-related treatments (i.e., anti-obesity, cosmetic, erectile dysfunction and fertility agents) may not be included or may be included at a higher cost. Plan is limited to generic medicines and some brand names when a generic is not available in the class. Medicines that cost more but may not work better may be offered to members at up to the full-cost, depending on their plan. Coverage may vary, please consult your plan for further information.