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If you are a current GEHA member, please find drug cost for your specific benefit by logging into your account – prescription claim history and specific plan design is considered when your drug costs are estimated.


Please make sure to scroll to the bottom of the Coverage and Cost Results page to see “Plan Notes” which outline important plan information that may impact your coverage.

Examples could include the following items that may be shown at the bottom of the page under “Plan Notes”

  • PRIOR APPROVAL IS REQUIRED – Medications that require Prior Approval and/or Specialty pricing & network
  • Plan Limitations Exceeded. Examples could include quantity or days supply – Medications that have quantity or other limits
  • NOT COVERED OR MAY NOT BE THE APPROPRIATE REGIMEN as defined by your plan – Medications not covered by the plan

Pricing for medications with age or gender specific benefits won't necessarily provide accurate estimates.

Medications that consider prescription fill history, for copay or coinsurance calculations, may not provide accurate estimates.

Check Drug Costs

How much will you pay? Find a drug cost based on your benefit plan and prescription dosage.


Elevate Plus

Standard Option (Non-Medicare & Medicare)

High Deductible Health Plan

High Option Non-Medicare*

High Option Medicare*

*High Option Non-Medicare and High Option Medicare: The 3rd fill of maintenance medications at retail, will increase to 50% coinsurance. Members are able to fill 90 day supplies, of maintenance medications, at mail order or retail CVS pharmacies & pay the mail order copay or coinsurance.

Specialty Drug Lists

If your medication appears on the Comprehensive Specialty Drug List, please call CVS Caremark Specialty Customer Care at 800-237-2767 to ensure the most accurate and up to date pricing information. CVS Specialty Pharmacy is GEHA’s exclusive Specialty Pharmacy and  most Specialty medications are limited to a 30 day supply.

Specialty Pharmacy Drug List

Find a Pharmacy in Your Area

Discover which pharmacies will accept your coverage with our Pharmacy Locator. Please note: Specialty medications are dispensed from CVS Specialty Pharmacy.

Find a Local Pharmacy for High, Standard & High Deductible Health Plan Options

Find a Local Pharmacy for Elevate and Elevate Plus

Customer Care

Call CVS Caremark at (844) 4-GEHARX or (844) 443-4279. We are available 24/7 to help you with your needs.