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Welcome to your new prescription benefits with CVS/caremark. As you take the time to review your available plan options, we’ll guide you through the details, starting with the ways we can help you save. Our members can fill their medicines in 90-day supplies at any CVS/pharmacy (including Target pharmacies) or with CVS Caremark Mail Service Pharmacy for the same low price. Learn more about your plan and start saving today. 

  • Learn More About Your Plan Options

    Our goal is to make sure you take advantage of all your prescription savings options. Learn about the savings available under your prescription plan.

    HSA Advantage 1

    HSA Advantage 2

    If you are in a Hawaii plan; please contact Care for plan details and to check drug costs for 2018.

  • Price a Drug

    How much will you pay? Find a drug cost based on your benefit plan and prescription dosage.

    HSA Advantage 1

    HSA Advantage 1 (after deductible is met)

    HSA Advantage 2

    HSA Advantage 2 (after deductible is met)


    *NOTE: Results may indicate prior authorization is required.  Please contact Customer Care at 866-329-4023 if you would like to confirm the price of this medication.  Prior authorization must be approved by CVS/caremark.

  • Find a Pharmacy in Your Area

    Discover which pharmacies will accept your coverage with our Our Pharmacy Locator.

    Find a Local Pharmacy

  • Drug Lists and Additional Information

    Raytheon Drug List

    Treasury Guidance List - Certain preventive prescription drugs on the federal Treasury Guidance list – including those used to treat high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis and mental health disorders – are allowed to be covered before you meet your plan’s deductible (coinsurance applies).  Note: Generic medications included on this list are covered at 100%, as well as oral and insulin diabetic medications. Brand medications listed will bypass the deductible (coinsurance applies). The coinsurance applied will NOT apply to the HSA Advantage 1 or 2 Plan Deductible(s).

    Generics under Treasury Guidance covered at no cost for HSA Advantage Plans 

    Affordable Care Act (ACA) No Cost Preventive Services List - Certain preventive care medicines for specific conditions, as outlined under the Affordable Care Act, are covered at 100% by the plan (no cost to the plan member) for all Raytheon Plan Designs


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