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Your Prescription History Record
Makes Health Management Easier

    • You’ll be ready for tax time with a detailed statement of your prescription costs
    • You can share the record with your doctor and discuss cost savings
    • It’s not just you – all family records to which you have access are included
  • How to Get Started Now

    1. You must sign in to an existing account or register for the first time online to access your information. Registration is secure. During registration, we ask members to verify their identity by providing their Member ID number from their prescription benefit card or a prescription number or medication name from a recent prescription.
    2. Once signed in, you can view and select the “View Prescription History” link in the “My Plan & Benefits” box. Some plans refer to a prescription history as a statement of costs.
    3. On your Prescription History page, select Print My Prescription Report. From here, you can customize your report and view it as a PDF.
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Track Your Rx Spend

For more information, view Track Your Rx Spend. See how much you spent on prescriptions this year. Compare this year with last year, break costs down by family member, and find savings opportunities. Not all plans offer this feature.